Traveling with Your Dog: 23 Dog Friendly Destinations to Visit with Your Dog in 2023

dog friendly adventures travel Jan 31, 2023

 This blog is dedicated to all of you explorers, vagabonds, road warriors, nature lovers and travel junkies who want to live life fully with your canine companions.


We have been lucky enough to travel quite extensively, and for the most part our dogs have joined us on these adventures (unfortunately traveling internationally with our dogs has proved to be challenging so that hasn’t happened yet); our pack even joined us on our two month RV honeymoon around the United States.


We wanted to share with you that even though it may take a little more planning to include your four legged bestie into your travel plans, it is so well worth it to do so. If you have aspirations to do *all the things* with your dog keep reading, because we’ve been there - to various beaches, cities, mountains; all while staying in hotels, Air B n Bs, an RV, and tiny houses…there are so many beautiful places to explore in the US so it is our hope with our guidance you decide to hit the road in 2023. 


How we got into dogs is a story for another day, but one thing we continue to do now and always have is to enjoy life with our dogs the best we can and to share that experience with others. When you invest in training for your dog it isn’t just about living in your home with a well behaved companion, it is about taking that training into the real world and on as many adventures as you can experience together. We promise you that these experiences will enhance the relationship you share and the adventures you have will be more fulfilling with your dog by your side. 


We may not have a wall full of trophies and titles, but we do have a great amount of experiences with our dogs, and at the end of the day those are the things we will hang onto throughout our lives. We decided to put a list together to celebrate the New Year in celebration of 2023.  Here are 23 of our favorite spots that we have visited with our dogs. We hope it inspires you to hit the road with your four legged sidekick. Life is too short and after loosing two of our dogs to cancer within the last couple of years, looking back at the memories and places we visited gives me peace in knowing that both dogs lived a full life.


This list is in no particular order, but a few of our favorites are definitely Lake Tahoe, San Diego, all of Utah and Stowe. If you would like more information on specifics of a location listed feel free to shoot us an email and we can send you info on where we stayed. If you have been to any of these places comment below, and also share with us YOUR favorite place as we are itching to travel to some new places in 2023.


1. Lake Tahoe - we loved being able to hike and hit the beach up all in the same day. There simply has never been another hiking destination that gives you the views of the breathtaking clean blue water that is Lake Tahoe. We also can’t say enough good things about the locals; they were so welcoming, pleasant and prideful of keeping Lake Tahoe clean.


2. San Diego, California - visiting here had been a dream of Phill's since he was a kid. It was also extremely dog friendly - there are a few beaches that allow dogs all year and many establishments happily welcome your dog to join. Added bonus: everything you need is in biking distance. 


3. OBX - This has a special place in our hearts as its where we got married, in Corolla (where there are wild horses that roam the beach!). This beach is accessible by 4 wheel drive only (you have to drive on the sand) and is dog friendly all year. Nothing like running the beach with your dogs and seeing some wild horses.


4. Washington, DC - is surprisingly dog friendly. There are a ton of parks to visit and dog friendly establishments. If you eat plant based they have great selections, plus we have trained quite a few dogs in this area - second most to the Charlotte area!


5. Sedona, Arizona - with incredible weather, beautiful scenery and red rocks this place is a must visit for any avid hikers. If you’re a sunset watcher go to Airport Mesa - it’s quite a breathtaking view to wrap up a fun day with your pooch.


6. Acadia National Park, Maine - this place surprised us. We stayed nearby in an off-grid tiny home we found through air b n b, hiking is galore at this park and around the area and we went rock climbing on the cliffs over the water, the company even let Zoey tag along. Great views and if you love sunrises Maine sees the sun first in the States.


7. Monteray Bay, California - we’ve been here a couple times and it never disappoints! There is a cute RV park on the beach that also has glamping sites that are dog friendly. We took a whale watching tour with Monteray Whale Watching that welcomes dogs on their boat (definitely questionable if our crew of three or the whales were a bigger hit) - it was an experience of a lifetime. Highly recommend.


8. New York City, NY - it’s the big apple, definitely an experience like no other. Central Park is a must stop, but our favorite area is Williamsburg hands down. Great food, dog friendly places and a great experience in exposure for your dog.


9. Trillium Lake, Mt.Hood National Forest, Oregon - this spot is simply breathtaking! Campsites line right along the water and Mt.Hood with its snowy top reflects off of the water beautifully. If you want to be one with nature and off the grid there is no cell service there, plus we had no neighbors! Silver Falls State Park is just under 2 hours away and is another great nature spot - they have a 7 mile loop that features 10 waterfalls!


10. Florence, Oregon - cute coastal fishing town that is pretty low key and first sighting of seals on the Oregon coast! When it comes to beaches Oregon has very wide beaches that welcome your doggos and aren’t crowded because it can get pretty chilly. We also (without the dogs) rented 4 wheelers and rode the large sand dunes - definitely an experience if you can leave your dog where you are staying.


11. Asheville, North Carolina - there are so many great hiking trails in the Carolina mountains around this area, plus the Biltmore Estate welcomes dogs on the property as long as not inside the mansion. Grab a wine tasting, pack a picnic and walk around the beautiful estate with your canine companion.


12. Kiawah Island, South Carolina - if Pleasantville was an actual place this would be it. This beach oasis on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is just 21 miles south of Charleston. Full of lush foliage, Kiawah allows dogs off leash at the top, has numerous hiking and biking paths, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is amazing.


13. Jupiter, Florida - another top favorite, this beach encompasses the best of Florida weather in a smaller town feel. Check out Mangos - great food and dog friendly.


14. Greenville, South Carolina - this city has a waterfall in the downtown center and it is magnificent! This goes to show you how outdoors-focused this area is, there is an abundant amount of hikes in the area. Extra bonus - Greenville water is nationally known for providing some of the purest drinking water in the country! There are no residents, no commercial, agriculture or industrial facilities located within the watersheds.


15. Lake Jocassee, South Carolina - the water here is visibility clear year-round thanks to the clean and cold Appalachian mountain rivers that feed the lake. It has a beach access at Devils Fork State Park that is dog friendly, and is situated with hiking trails galore all around it. Plus there is a winery in the area that welcomes dogs!


16. Moab, Utah - this area is just simply stunning with its red rocks, multiple arches, dinosaur tracks, rock climbing, and again, hiking trails galore! Make sure to check your AllTrails app to see which are dog friendly, but there are plenty of options to explore this unique landscape with your pet.


17. Park City, Utah - the town of Park City is adorable just to walk around with your pooch, and again it is surrounded with pristine hiking trails - the possibilities are truly endless.


18. Adirondack Mountains, New York - I (Katrina) grew up visiting ADK so it’s a special place for me. There are lakes to swim in, hundreds of hikes to hit up, a lot of the stores that welcome dogs inside. Upstate New York shows it’s true beauty in the mountains here.


19. Breckenridge, Colorado - mountain culture cater to dogs, and this Colorado town is no exception - open spaces, rivers, trails and pet friendly shops welcome you and your pooch.


20. Stowe, Vermont - so many great hiking trails! It is also one of the most dog friendly destinations in New England with plenty of pet friendly establishments and all season outdoor adventures. There is a tiny house air b n b community I stayed at that is dog friendly and was truly magical. A river runs through the property, with mountains in the back and clear skies. A nature lovers dream!


21. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia - is one of the few national parks that allow pets on trails (yes, unfortunately most National Parks are not dog friendly, other than at the main visiter centers) and encompasses the beauty that Virginia mountains have to offer. Nothing beats hitting the hiking trails with your canine companions!


22. Seattle, Washington - fun fact - there are more dogs in this city than children! So needless to say it is a very dog friendly city in the Pacific Northwest. Many stores welcome pets into their shops, plus there are many parks and trails to hit up.


23. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona - even though you can’t hike down the Grand Canyon with your dog, dogs are allowed on trails above the rim. And considering this is one of the seven wonders of the world we couldn’t leave out bringing along your canine companion to take in the immense beauty that is the Grand Canyon!



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