May Student Spotlights!

student spotlights Jun 01, 2023
A collage of 4 photos featuring 4 dogs of various breeds

Every month, we spotlight superstar client / dog teams in our KDP community. Here are the teams we celebrated in May:


Will, Leah, & Finley


Finley is a young doodle who recently completed Keen Camp with KD trainer Griffin. He thrived off the structure implemented while in training and his owners Will and Leah have continued to use the skills he learned on a daily basis to ensure his training continues past the program to live a more fulfilling life.

Off leash freedom has been a game changer in the backyard and walks have been expanded outside of the neighborhood. We are so proud of  the dog Finley has become and the hard work his owners are still putting in. Good boy Fin!



Dylan & Janie

Janie is a 7 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. Her parents enrolled her in the Bestie Program soon after bringing her home at just 8 weeks old. Having a well trained German Shorthaired Pointer was always Dylan’s (Janie’s dad) dream.

Janie is sweetheart who loves to please and play. Her parents also love having the benefit of boarding Janie with us occasionally when they go out of town to work on her confidence and exposure.

As a younger pup Janie was nervous around new dogs, and took her a second to warm up to new people. She has come so far and the team is always so happy to see her. We couldn’t be more proud of all her family’s hard work with her.



Brian, Heyli, & Samuel

Sam’s owners Brian and Heyli had been following us on Instagram for awhile but since they lived in DC they didn’t think working with us was an option until we posted a reel working with Bethesda client Archie the Golden. Right away they reached out to enroll him in our 3 week immersion program.

Sam is a 1 year old Golden Retriever who was reckless on walks. He would pull to wherever and whatever he wanted to, resulting in less walks because it was near impossible and never enjoyable. His owners knew this was no way for any of them to live plus he had an abundance of energy that wasn’t being properly released.

Sam is a fun and goofy guy who flourished with teaching proper play - especially tug! Allowing him to have an outlet for his energy, as well as overcome competing motivators in the environment around him.

Brian and Heyli traveled to Charlotte for his 3 day go home weekend - we fit in 9 lessons all over town and they were eager students for all of them. To see their smiles when Sam would recall on a dime off leash and to be able to walk him with a loose leash and even no leash at some of our lessons around dogs and other stimuli that would have sent him into a pulling monster before is why we love our job.

We are so excited for the new life this trio is going to lead, as well as become another KeenDog representation in the DC area.



Chelsea & Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a 7 month old Red Golden Retriever from New York City, the Big Apple! She just recently completed her Keen Camp program with Jenna and Lilly and excelled!

Her owner, Chelsea, set her up for success right off the bat! The day she picked Pumpkin up from her breeder, she flew her down to us to do our Puppy Pre-k program for 3 weeks. After those 3 weeks, Chelsea came down to us to pick her up and spent the day with us doing lessons and learning all the things.

Then at 6 months of age, Pumpkin returned to us for another 3 weeks for our "Keen Camp" program. She learned all the things about the e-collar and off leash reliability.

After three weeks with us, Jenna and Lilly drove up to NYC with Pumpkin and spent 4 days with Chelsea and Pumpkin doing 2-3 lessons each day to transfer everything Pumpkin learned to her owner. For out of state clients, us coming to your hometown for lessons allows us to work within your home environment. For Pumpkin, NYC is a hard thing to replicate so by being in the city, we were able to work through any struggles Pumpkin or Chelsea had during the lessons.

We are so proud of Chelsea and she has become such a confident handler with Pumpkin! She set her up for success from the start and she is definitely reaping the benefits.


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