March Student Spotlights!

student spotlights Mar 28, 2023
A collage of 4 photos featuring 4 dogs of various breeds

Every month, we spotlight superstar client / dog teams in our KDP community. Here are the teams we celebrated in March:


Alisa, Justin, & Jonah

When Alisa and Justin joined the KeenDog community in the summer of 2021, they were newly married and had recently gotten their first dog together - an Aussie named Jonah.

They wanted to do everything right from the start but found themselves overwhelmed by what they were being told to do and what they were reading online. After finding our KeenDog Instagram, they started applying what they saw in our  videos, but ultimately wanted more and signed up for the Bestie package.

Since then, there has been no stopping them! They have always gone above and beyond. Working ahead between lessons, showing up time after time to group class, and becoming true members of the community.

Jonah is a super fun dog - goofy, playful, motivated, and eager to work. He is a joy to train and all of the work Alisa and Justin have put into him shines through.



Jessica & Pennie

Jessica enrolled Pennie in the Bestie program to set her up for success early on. Pennie has always been a sweetheart with lots of energy and love to give. Training has been a great way to channel that energy and help work through situations she is uncertain about. For Jessica, training strengthened her relationship with Pennie and gave her the tools to effectively communicate with her.

When this duo first started in their program,  Jessica had some hesitations when it came to tools, but trusted the process and the program. She put in the work with Pennie and it shines through their relationship.

They have taken advantage of group classes and have become regulars to keep Pennie's skills sharp, learn new things and gain confidence on both ends of the leash (and now a days, even off the leash, which has been a huge thing to overcome and trust to be build). We love watching their progression as a team and love how much they both love training! They are a pleasure to coach, always eager to push their skills to the next level.



Ben & Izzy

Izzy is a 9 month old Australian Shepherd from Southern Soul Aussies. Her owner, Ben, heard about us from Izzy's breeder. He reached out early on and then decided a little later to enroll Izzy in our Keen Camp program.

Ben and Izzy came to us from Orlando, FL. Izzy spent 3 weeks with us here in Charlotte to work on becoming the overall best possible version of herself under the leadership of Jenna Rabel. This girl LOVES to play and this  was used heavily to give her the confidence she needed in her everyday life. She was a blast to train and was loved by us all.

After 3 weeks, we drove down to Orlando and spent a few days with Ben to transfer the training to him and he killed it! He got a true crash course and took it all in and by end, was confidently handling her in all the different environments. Their relationship also has grown in large part due to learning how to play with her and play by the rules together.

Izzy is one dynamite dog! You can catch Ben and Izzy living life to the fullest together now!



Daynya & Ethel

Meet Ethel! She is a 2 year old French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix. Ethel’s parents felt they had a foundation on her, but they wanted to take their training to the next level. They heard of us through client friends Tom and Karissa with Izzy the Vizsla. They did a consult with Lilly, and soon after decided to sign Ethel up for Keen Camp with her.

Ethel is a spunky young friendly dog who loves to play and train, but needed help around distractions. They dreamed of bringing her on off leash hikes and breweries with them. Through their hard work and dedication that is now possible.

Even after a major set back of emergency spinal surgery they have still found the time to get out and work with Ethel and live life to the fullest with her. With a full recovery they are plan to continue enjoy off leash freedom and adventures together. We couldn’t be more proud of them!


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