June Student Spotlights!

student spotlights Jun 30, 2023
A collage of 3 photos featuring 4 dogs of various breeds

Every month, we spotlight superstar client / dog teams in our KDP community. Here are the teams we celebrated in June:


Mark, Diane, Nikko, & Bailey

Nikko and Bailey are 1 year old Boxers who completed their 3 week “Keen Camp” program at the end of April. These two and their owners have come so far and have stayed committed to their training every day to ensure their behaviors continue to improve.

Their owners Mark and Diane are both retired and had their hands full with these littermates. Bailey would jump on their dining room table quite often to see what was happening outside, both dogs were impossible to walk, guests no longer visited their house due to their unruliness at the door … there were quite a few habits that needed to be changed.

Bailey has turned from their wild child into the one who is eager to please them. She just needed direction that made sense and an outlet (play and walks) for her energy. Nikko’s confidence continues to grow. Their walks have made a 180, they actually now receive compliments regularly about how well they walk. Diane even walks the two of them together with confidence now! They both get daily flirt pole play, walks and structured place time - especially when they start to get overly aroused with play with one another and for door manners.

The last follow up lesson we had this past week they never rushed the door, they stayed on their places for about 10 minutes when I first came to the house - a huge difference from where we started.

We are incredibly proud of both Diane and Mark’s commitment to their training. They put in the work daily to keep changing their habits for the better.



Ashleigh & Otter

Ashleigh signed up for our Bestie package, soon after she adopted Otter, to set them both up for success early on. Since day one, Ashleigh was super dedicated to the process and enjoyed training Otter. Otter picked up new concepts quickly and took to training very well!

As we all know, life happens. Ashleigh's schedule led to longer gaps in lessons, and Otter was starting to react towards dogs and people. She wanted to get this under control quickly, so upgraded Otter to Keen Camp with Kat.

Otter started his board and train portion of the program with an amazing foundation and great drive for both food and play, so the progression of his program looked a little different than most young dogs. After taking some time to get to know Otter better, it was clear he needed to learn to just chill. To do nothing and be okay with it. Early in training, we can get excited about working with our dogs, playing and walking frequently, so sometimes we skip over teaching our dogs life isn't always super exciting and full of adventures. Sometimes we need to just hang out and chill. After he mastered the art of doing nothing, we tackled fine tuning his obedience and changing his mindset around triggers.

It's still just the beginning for Otter and Ashleigh! Experiencing your dog reacting can lead to frustration and anxiety during future walks. It takes time, guidance,and a lot of reps to feel confident and rebuild trust in your pup.

We are excited to see Otter and Ashleigh in action at group class!



Jac & Dakota

Dakota is (a little under) a year old working line GSD from our absolute favorite, Cold Water Kennels. Rachel Williams has a few dogs out of this amazing breeder and has absolutely loved being apart of Jac and Dakota’s training journey. Their relationship is something to be proud of, and Jac’s passion for learning any and everything about training is going to continue to take them so far.

Dakota completed The Whole Enchilada with Rachel and was a dream to work with. Jac always represents KeenDog so well at group classes and outings with her. She’s the best girl! Fun fact: Dakota is a half sister to Rachel's girl Max, and they are besties!


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