January Student Spotlights!

student spotlights Feb 01, 2023
A collage of 3 photos featuring 3 dogs of different breeds

Every month, we spotlight superstar dogs in our KDP community. Here are the dogs we celebrated in January:



Arnie’s training journey began with a board and train program through another company. After a few weeks away, he was sent home with little guidance on how to transition his training. Daniella and Sean were unclear on how to communicate with Arnie and the expectations of his commands. Understandably, this lead to frustration, on both ends of the leash.

Training and working with Arnie wasn’t a good time. Arnie became very reactive to other dogs,  to the point walks were not enjoyable and nearly impossible. Arnie is a big boy. Once he started throwing his weight around it was game over.

We’re only halfway through The Bestie program with Arnie (plus some boarding stays) and he is thriving under KeenDog trainer Kat's guidance and coaching. Walks are enjoyable, communication and expectations are clear. Play has been a great way to give Arnie an outlet for his energy and his favorite reward during training. It also makes training a fun time for the humans! We’re not done yet, but Arnie has demonstrated he can be a gentleman out in public, around all the distractions.

We are proud of Arnie and his humans! Daniella and Sean took a chance on KeenDog, after a negative experience in the training world. They trusted the process and accepted starting back at square one. They put in the work and it shows! We love working with them and are so happy they found their way to the KeenDog Community!




Ralphie is a young Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle (Bernedoodle) who completed Keen Camp in July 2022 with Rachel! He’s a total lady’s man, loves to train and has made a lot of overall improvements since his program.

The best part is, he is now a frequent boarder with Rachel! He gets to enjoy lots of off leash freedom, adventures and social time with her pack. Often when he boards, he is a helper dog in lessons, socializing shy dogs, and group class.




Waylon is a 1 year old Mini Bull Terrier. His parents signed him up for the Bestie back in May and then later upgraded to the Whole Enchilada so Waylon could work on his engagement, as well as his social skills other dogs.

He lives with 2 older Jack Russell Terriers who didn’t appreciate his pushy play style so his parents liked that Waylon would be able to be trained extensively as well as work around as many dogs as possible. That’s one of  the benefits of the immersion- being able to work with all of the KeenDog trainers and be able to socialize with other dogs/ learn to co exist around them.

Waylon's family has been very committed to his training and it shows. He is a frequent boarder with us and a team favorite. He continues to mature into a well rounded family dog!



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