Group Dog Training Class = No Judgement Zone

group training kdp Sep 10, 2017

Imagine this – You are in group dog training class which you have gone to dozens of times, your dog knows their stuff and you are so proud of them. All of a sudden right in the smack middle of everyone introducing themselves and their dogs, your dog starts barking like crazy! You feel your body temperature go up and you try and get your dog to stop, meanwhile you just about know that everyone else must be judging you. But… are they?

Sometimes our dogs are doing amazing at group dog training class.. and sometimes they embarrass us so much that we wish we had never come in the first place. Today I am here to tell you that although we think everyone is judging us when our dog is messing up- they aren’t, and here is why:

1. We are all in the same boat:

Everyone has been in that moment of feeling embarrassed. If its not their dog misbehaving in group dog training class, then its their kid screaming in the grocery line. In some way, shape, or form everyone has been there. Now you may be thinking, how does that help me when my dog does something wrong in group class. The reason is, since we have all been there, we don’t judge people when they find themselves in the same situation. You can think of group class as getting together with your friends to achieve the same goal. In this case, the goal is to improve on your dog’s skills. With that mindset you can be assured that your friends at group class are not here to judge any mistakes your dog makes, but instead to encourage you every step of the way!

2. Making mistakes is part of getting better:

No matter if this is your first group dog training class or your thirty-first, we all are coming to train our dogs. With that being said, at group class it is okay if your dog barks out of turn or gets up from that down stay in front of everyone, because that’s why we are all in group class, to improve on what our dog is struggling with. If your dog didn’t need improvement at all, which every dog does, then there would be no point to group dog training class. It is through making those mistakes and following through with our dogs, that our dogs really understand what we want from them. Dogs are not going to be perfect, so we can use those imperfections to our advantage!

3. We are here to help:

At KeenDog we want to see your dog’s struggles so that we can come along side of you and help you with them. It is that safe space environment that allows you to try new things with your dogs with the knowledge that if they don’t get it right away, its okay. This is the perfect place to let loose and see how far you can challenge your dog, knowing that helpful KeenDog trainers are all around. It makes us so excited to see your dogs learn new skills and tricks, especially when we see all the failed attempts in the process. When your dog finally gets something, it is such a happy and cheerful moment!

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