Four Tips For Paddleboarding & Kayaking With Your Dog

kayaking & paddleboarding training tips Sep 15, 2022
Woman on stand up paddleboard with german shepherd dog

It is no secret that we love hitting up the water with our personal dogs and client dogs. Summer is coming to an end next week so why not finish off with some paddleboarding and/or kayaking adventures with your pooch. Here are some tips to get your dog acclimated to these fun activities:

1. A life jacket can be helpful when starting out. It keeps your pup safe in case they go overboard. One with a handle on top can make it easier to guide your dog back on the board or kayak when out on the open water.

2. Practice on land first! With young puppies, jumping in a kayak or on a paddleboard can be a fun, confidence boosting activity. As your dog gets comfortable, start working on stable positions, like down, to encourage calmness and staying still.

3. When you're ready to hit the water, start with short trips, especially since staying still can be hard for the young ones. We humans have to adjust to getting around with a pupper on board too!

4. Remember it gets hot out there, so give your pup some breaks in the shade or take swim breaks!



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