February Student Spotlights!

student spotlights Mar 02, 2023
A collage of 4 photos featuring 5 dogs of various breeds

Every month, we spotlight superstar client / dog teams in our KDP community. Here are the teams we celebrated in February:


David & Bodhi

We first began working with David when he signed up his dog Cally to help curb her leash reactivity, as well as help lay a nice groundwork with his wife’s new pup Teddy. David has always had a student mentality, he asks questions to ensure he is grasping our training concepts and evolving his knowledge and consistency with his dogs.

David started his training with us back up in 2017 with his new dog Bodhi, after Cally passed. Bodhi is an awesome dog with a lot of energy and eager to learn, but like most dogs has a few quirks. Bodhi can be reactive at times when provoked by another dog.

We lost touch with David over the years, which happens, but when we opened up our KDP memberships last year he was the first to join to better his relationship with his dog and take advantage of the larger schedule we now offer.

What we ultimately respect is David always shows up early to classes, prepared and seeks to better understand Bodhi vs trying to make him into something he is not. We have seen them both grow over the past few months and really hit a stride. We are excited to see them grow even more in 2023!



Beth & Brew

Brew man started training with us as a little pup almost three years ago. He was a wild little guy that lacked impulse control and couldn’t quite navigate other dogs. Beth and Holger have been dedicated right from the start on his training, and have always made sure to set him up for success.

Beth loves to continue her education about dog training and communication and never stops learning with Brew. He just recently turned 3 years old and boards with the whole team very often, and he loves visiting all his trainer buddies. His favorite friend is Mack the cat, and he loves to pretend he is a German shepherd with Rachel’s crew.

If you are lucky enough to meet Brew, you might get lucky enough to hear one of his famous “moos” if he likes you. We don’t call him Brew-Moo for nothing! We are also lucky enough to have Beth as a client-turned good friend. We appreciate you guys so much!



Shasta, Goldie & Scout

I had the privilege of first meeting Shasta back in May of 2019 when she began her KeenDog training journey with her new Goldendoodle pup Goldie. Shasta is just a person who radiates positivity, warmth, kindness and commitment to the ones she loves - her dogs obviously included!

Her family is a dog family - her husband trains for bird hunt work with his Pointer, and although that wasn’t an avenue she was going to pursue with Goldie she knew that she was setting Goldie up for success from the start with focusing on laying a solid foundation. As well as having a little friendly competition with who has the better trained dog.

Little did we know that Shasta was going to dive in DEEP with her training - way past just obedience work. She has become a scent trial regular, Goldie has an impressive amount of titles under her belt, as well as her newer addition Scout, a Golden Retriever bred by our friend and fellow trainer Courtney Wise Higgins of Trek Goldens.

Both Goldie and Scout did our “The Whole Enchilada” package - beginning with private lessons as puppies, then advancing to Keen Camp at 6 months of age. They are also regular boarders and class attendees, continuing to advance their skills every time we see them. As well as pushing their skills beyond what we teach - she has titled her girls in AKC Scent Work, Farm Dog, FastCat, Dock Diving, Canine Good Citizen, and Trick Dog! Goldie will be turning 4 next month and Scout will be 2 in May - still so many more adventures and trials for these ladies to do together.

We are so proud of the work that Shasta has put into her dogs to give them the best life possible, they truly are representations of what we stand for here - living life fully with a few well trained dogs by your side all while having fun and learning new things together.



Trey, Jennifer & Jetty

Go Jetty, go! This tiny but mighty Boykin has been a joy to train. She started with our Puppy Pre-K and recently finished Keen Camp, aka the perfect combo in our opinion.

With Puppy Pre-K we were able to set foundations and grow upon them during her Keen Camp experience. She is a spirited young dog that has so much potential.

Trey and Jennifer are dedicated owners who put in the hard work to keep Jetty's training up to par. They have two young kids who are starting to be more interested in training and enjoying having a well trained dog!

During both her stays the whole team has enjoyed being a part of her progress and eagerly volunteers to work her at any team training meetings.

She transformed from a wild puppy to a wonderful member in society. One who has turned into a wonderful adventure buddy, whether that be on the boat, on a hike or at the beach. We can't wait to see all the things this little pup will do with her family!



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