Don't Let Your Dog Be An Asshole

training tips Sep 11, 2022
Belgian malinois playing tug with frisbee

3 asshole behaviors that you SHOULD NOT allow your dog to do.

AKA: Don’t be that person.

1. Don’t allow your dog off leash if you don’t have any control.

Just don’t be that guy. We are all for off leash hiking… we do it all the time! Dogs were meant to be free and explore. But if your dog doesn’t have a strong recall or if you’re going to allow your off leash dog to run up to every stranger with or without a dog…that's an asshole thing to do. Your muddy dog isn’t always going to be welcomed by fellow hikers (and no, they aren’t being rude asking you to call your dog back or asking you to leash up). Nor are they going to be welcomed by fellow hikers whose dogs are uncomfortable with being rushed in the face. If you have your dog off leash, always maintain control and call them back as soon as you see people approaching. Be a respectful hiker, not an asshole.

2. Don’t allow your dog to drag you to meet unfamiliar dogs on walks.

Don’t allow your dog to drag you while simultaneously saying “he just wants to say hi” or “she is friendly”. You don’t know how the other dog will respond, and allowing your dogs to become entangled could lead to a spicier than desired interaction. Plus it’s hard for people to say no when they’re being bulldozed. Despite knowing their dog doesn’t desire an interaction, they might let it happen and hope for the best since there seems to be no stopping you and your dog. Don’t put people and dogs in that situation. Don’t be that asshole.

3. Don’t allow your dog to bark for hours on end in your yard.

Don’t leave your dog unsupervised to bark incessantly. No one wants to hear a dog barking It isn’t enjoyable background music. You don’t ask Siri to play the sound of dogs barking, so don’t be that person. Don’t let your dog be that asshole.



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