December Student Spotlights!

student spotlights Jan 01, 2023
A collage of 3 photos featuring 3 dogs of various breeds

Every month, we spotlight superstar dogs in our KDP community. Here are the dogs we celebrated in December:



 Odin is a one year old husky/malamute mix. When he was a puppy, his owners saw that he was nervous around other dogs so they decided to enroll him in Jenna’s Puppy’s Day Out program to help get him the proper socialization that he needed. After a round of that, they noticed a difference in his social skills and decided to upgrade to our Bestie package.

Odin’s owners, Cory and Nick, have been dedicated to giving him the best life starting the day  they brought him home and it has paid off. He is now a very social guy, loves playing with other dogs, and is confident. Odin and his owners are proof that proper socialization and confidence building can go a long way in building your dog starting from puppyhood.

The training doesn’t just stop at lessons! Cory and Nick are also in regular attendance at group classes, constantly working on bettering Odin out in public and getting him around all the distractions. Seeing a nervous puppy grow up into a confident adult dog is a very rewarding thing to witness and they have been killing it!





 Tug traveled down from Raleigh, NC to enroll in our 3 week Keen Camp with our newest addition to the team, Griffin (who is a huge Lab fan, and is beginning a breeding program to ensure good labs are put out into the world - like Tug).

As a young and exuberant Labrador, Tug needed to learn when it was appropriate to let his wiggly high energy self out and when calmness was the correct frame of mind to be in.

This  guy is a Retriever through and through so utilizing fetch was a big part of his training program; his food drive is also great and his eagerness to learn and please made for a fun learning experience for everyone.

As we always do with out of area immersions, we stayed in Raleigh for 3 days to transfer the training over to his owners Zita and Conner, who advanced their skills at every lesson, asking questions to ensure they grasped all aspects of our training system.

Witnessing Tug run off leash with other dogs around and turn on a dime when recalled is what fills our hearts. Plus visiting with their sister with young kids and another dog where in the past Tug would be a bit too crazy and now was a well balanced young gentleman is why we do what we do.

This is just the start for this family, we know Tug is going to live a well fulfilled life and we can’t wait to see them at a group class soon!





 Maverick is a 10 month old Doberman who recently completed our 3 week "Keen Camp" with myself, the first immersion I have fully done since having Peyton. I hadn't planned to take on an immersion but his owners Justin and Jenna expressed their desire to work with me so I couldn't turn them down. Especially after meeting them for our first pre immersion lesson.

My first impression: this is going to be fun! Fun workable dog with owners who were just as eager to learn.

Having a dog enroll in one of our programs that already has a solid base and a desire and eagerness for learning simply makes the process purely fun for everyone involved (thus why we always suggest our The Whole Enchilada program to owners with puppies). Maverick's owners did not train with us for his base, however it was clearly there, as well as the commitment they showed for the training and raising of a well bred dog (talk about commitment - having perfect ears like this is a lot of work).

Maverick is a stud of a dog inside and out, and also at the same time a big goober of a guy. He loves to play a variety of games, works well for food, simply wants to please you and turns heads everywhere he goes. During his program we were able to cover more than the typical KeenDog standards which is always a pleasure to be able to break out of the norm.

This family is dedicated to bringing out Maverick's very best and I know there is still so much more we can teach this team. Honored and excited to continue to be their coach on their dog ownership journey.




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