Class is in Session!

group training kdp Aug 25, 2022
Dogs and owners standing in a line along greenway

When learning new behaviors and skills it is important to start in a low to no distracting environment.

This goes for both humans and dogs. That is why with our training programs we always begin in a private setting.

However, true success with your training occurs with practice and reps in real world scenarios, thus why we host 1-2 classes a week for our clients.

Michael Jordan didn’t shoot his first basketball in Madison Square Garden, but eventually he did when he was fluent with his skills and had some great and memorable games.

The same goes for you and your dog(s).

Everyone has a different skill level when it comes to communicating with their dogs successfully. And many of the ways in which dogs learn behaviors aren’t naturally the ways humans teach them, so working with a trainer (or self taught) takes time to achieve clarity from both ends (or off) of the leash.

It is important to challenge yourselves past the controlled setting and take your training into the real world!

The unpredictability in which you encounter different stimuli and competing motivators tests your skills as a handler and leader to your dog(s).

We understand tackling that next step, especially if you deal with reactivity issues, can be daunting.

But just show up. Try.

Expect more each outing you take your dog on.

And the best thing you can do is work with other like-minded owners who will allow you to have successful reps out in public vs unsuccessful ones.



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