Caring For Your Dog: How to Brush Your Dog's Pearly Whites

grooming handling Jan 23, 2024

Do you brush your pup’s teeth?! It may seem unnecessary when they're young and have brand new pearly whites, but getting started early and establishing good habits will make lifelong brushing a breeze.  Making up for lost time with an older dog? No worries! The tips below will help you ease into brushing your dog's teeth, no matter their age.

With all handling and grooming-related activities, start slow! Getting your dog comfortable in uncomfortable positions takes time. Brushing teeth can feel very foreign to dogs so don't rush through the conditioning process.

Once your dog is comfortable with handling drills, start adding gentle touching of their mouth, teeth, and gums. Mix this with time spent gently petting.

Once they’re comfortable with having their mouth, teeth, and gum touched, introduce a finger brush and toothpaste. Take your time and give them a chance to smell and lick both the brush and toothpaste. They use their senses to explore the world and learn about new things!

Set your dog up for success by working on brushing teeth at times when they're primed to relax. Immediately after a training session or some structured play is a great time. Later in the evening when your house is calm and quiet is also a good time. If they're in the mood to unwind, they'll be more likely to settle in and relax. And remember whenever you're introducing something new to always end on a good note!

Happy brushing!


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