Babies & Dogs - Juggling Both as a New Mother

management training tips Sep 24, 2022
Woman training dog with toddler in baby carrier

Let’s face it, being a dog mom is the gateway to becoming a human mom. And when we make that transition, it can be a hard lifestyle change to adjust to.

When you bring a new infant into the home, there can be uncertainty on how to juggle being a new mom (which comes with its own hurdles) while still being a great dog mom.

I recommend that introductions between your two beloved beings should be through stroller/carrier walks, snuggles as a fam (ensuring you can advocate space for your baby and that your dog respects this space - baby on one side/dog on the other of your partner if this is comfortable for your dog), as well as place time for the pooch when you’re doing all the new mom things (feeding, changing diapers, coo’ing at your baby, taking all the pics in the ridiculous number of outfits you were gifted, etc).

We commit ourselves to our dogs. We do sports, go on adventures, train, hang out, socialize…we have been great dog moms. But we’ve also had the freedom to put our dogs in a crate or leave them home unattended without worry for their safety.

When you become a human mom… you can’t put a baby in a crate. In fact, child protective services would soon come a’knockin if you did.

Being a mom takes a lot out of you, and then juggling your dog(s) in the mix comes with its own challenges.

Before baby arrives, spend time working on nice loose leash stroller walks, extended place work, and, ideally, off leash recalls so you can go on adventures as a family and ensure your dog gets their physical and mental needs met.

Hiking is one of my favorite family activities and the Osprey backpack is, in my opinion, the best carrier since your babe is behind you and not in harm's way if an excitable dog were to jump up on your front. 



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