Are You Enjoying Your Training Journey?

training tips Sep 01, 2022

It can seem daunting hiring a trainer for your dog. Either be it right from the start as a puppy or later on in life due to behaviors you want to eliminate and others you want to improve upon. It is a commitment that many of your friends and family members haven’t pursued, but you know you want a better life experience with your canine companion.

There is a lot to learn - how to play properly, what markers are and the importance of being clear with them, windows of opportunity and how to flow between them, the proper way to use leash pressure when communicating with your dog, e collar work for off leash reliability, how to add in an appropriate and fair punishment, what socialization really is, how to stand up for your dog in real world situations….quite a lengthy list that can at times have you questioning… Is this fun?

The answer should be yes. You got a dog to enhance your life, to enjoy it more fully.

Training comes with ups and downs, but at the end of the day make sure you have chosen a trainer who focuses on strengthening the relationship you share with your dog in a fun way. Play should be a primary focus of any training journey. Not only do humans and dogs bond best through games, but they also teach rules and boundaries which transfer to all aspects of your dog’s overall obedience foundation.

If you are in a rough spot with your training and seem to leave sessions more frustrated than happy, take a step back. Go back to something you excelled at together. Take an adventure break - go for a hike, take your dog swimming, paddleboarding, on a long walk and don’t forget to cuddle your dog. Not coddle. Cuddle. Because dogs are our best friends when we lead them properly and enjoy the journey… every part of it.


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