The Bare Necessities


Our hybrid self-guided and one-on-one training option! Perfect for self-driven dog owners looking for a cost-effective option and the best of both worlds. Includes access to our online course "Raising Your Dog the KeenDog Way," 4 in-person lessons OR 5 virtual lesson, and a 2-month free trial of the KeenDog Premium (KDP) membership.

Lessons can be used however you prefer - you can start with them, finish with them, or sprinkle them throughout your self-paced learning. 

For in-person lessons, we typically start with in-home lessons and progress to outdoor lessons at locations that are in line with individual training goals. 

Training manual and e collar included.

Includes access to private KeenDog boarding for lifetime of dog and KeenDog group classes.

Training coverage includes:

  • Marker training
  • On & off leash obedience
  • Loose leash walking
  • Correction command for stopping unwanted behaviors: NO
  • Engagement with handler
  • Polite manners
  • Proper socialization
  • Environmental exposure and confidence building

$1,200.00 USD


KeenDog shall provide dog training services, Keen Content, and/or a Pro Educator 900 collar set (if included in course / training package). KeenDog will provide all instruction on how to properly train dog using the KeenDog training system.

Keen Content:

Online course content is copyright © 2024 by KeenDog Training. All rights reserved.
No part of any KeenDog Training online course may be reproduced or distributed without written permission from the copyright owner.


Scheduling is done through our website by client: and lessons are booked out on a 7-14 day cycle to ensure consistency between client and KeenDog. All one-on-one lessons must be completed within one year of purchase. For Immersion Training, the scheduling of specific dates should be set up by emailing KeenDog directly at [email protected]


Client is responsible for their pet at all training sessions, including group classes and social outings. Client is solely liable for any injury to persons or damage to property caused by the pet. Client agrees that KeenDog will provide all necessary instruction and equipment for training of their dog, but it is up to the Client for success of the KeenDog training program. If pet is aggressive, then client must muzzle dog during training session to avoid causing harm to other people and animals.


At the conclusion of the one on one coaching sessions and/or the immersion training with KeenDog, the Client will be asked to demonstrate the skills of their pet that have been established through the KeenDog training system. These skills shall include: coming when called (“here”), heeling next to handler, sit/stay, down/stay, place command, being able to correct an unwanted behavior, play development, proper management techniques and knowledge of release command “keen!” All dogs have different temperaments and their owners vary in ability and willingness to follow the program; therefore results will vary. If Client follows the training instructions provided and at the conclusion of the program, the pet fails to perform the skills required, at clients option, trainer will continue to work with the client and the pet. KeenDog does not guarantee services nor does KeenDog give refunds.


Trainer may photograph and/or video training sessions for future use in training, advertising or other purposes. Client consents to trainer’s use of images and videos of client and pet in such manner.


KeenDog accepts PayPal, cash, check, debit or credit card transactions. If the payment is divided up, KeenDog requires to keep a card on file and Client’s next payment will be ran a month after original payment and so forth automatically. A charge of $50 shall be charged for any check returned unpaid by your financial institution for any reason. 

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