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10 Places to Visit With Your Dog in Charlotte

As the temperatures begin to rise into the beautiful Carolina weather we all love, it is time to be out and about even more with your dog! Enjoying life with your dog is what KeenDog is all about, so let us share with you some of our favorite spots

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5 Simple Tips For Apartment Living With Your Dog

Charlotte is a growing city, every day there is countless construction happening everywhere, one of the major growths are apartments. South Blvd alone pops up a new building every month (at least it seems this way) and the trend isn’t stopping. Many of these apartments are aimed at the

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WOW! I Wish My Dog Behaved Like Yours

  As a dog owner, I take a huge amount of pride in my amazing canine companion. At this point in my life, he basically takes the role of my child. With that being said, when you are out and about with your pup and a stranger walks over

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NOT Your Average Dog’s Purpose

What is a dog’s purpose?   This is a question I had never really put much thought to until I saw the movie “A Dog’s Purpose”. I know that my personal dog Alces has a not your average dog purpose after thinking on this simple idea. He is one

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