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5 Ways To Optimize Your Day With Your Dog

Hello friends, For the past couple years it feels like I have become a black belt in cramming as many things in a day as possible. However, for the past couple months it has been a refreshing feeling to go at a much slower pace and not race to

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Optimize Your Dog’s Crate Experience

To crate or not to crate…that may be a question running through your head. Well, I for one, say crate. 100%. Bringing a new puppy or older rescue dog into your home is an exciting undertaking. One in which you will be providing leadership, boundaries, coaching and friendship to

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Be The Bowl

Channel your inner Yoda when viewing your relationship with your dog. You see how exuberant your dog gets when you fill up his bowl for meals – well, you should be the bowl. The relationship you share with your dog should be as exciting for you both as your

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Why Your Dog Won’t Listen

Have you ever been to a foreign country or with a group of individuals who speak a different dialect than you? It can be overwhelming trying to understand what others are saying when you don’t know what they are saying (especially if you’re trying to order food). Your heart

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Dog Training: Goals & Habits

It’s the year 2020 and what better way to start the year than going over your goals you have for you and your dog. Goals are accomplished through your daily habits and rituals, so ask yourself what current habits do you have with your dog and how can you

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Coach Life

Coaching others on a regular basis is both challenging and rewarding. It can also be frustrating. The former should always outweigh the latter, otherwise you aren’t going to enjoy the process. You do have to understand that when you decide to become a coach, it will entail all three. 

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