New Year, New Community - KeenDog Premium Memberships

group training kdp Jan 20, 2023

Hello KD Fam!

Starting February 1st, group classes will be part of our KeenDog Premium (KDP) membership. The KDP membership includes all group classes KeenDog offers (3 to 5 per week), exclusive training content, and a monthly virtual hangout.


To sign up for your KeenDog Premium Membership, please click on the link below. You will be taken to our website to complete your purchase. If you have purchased a training package since January 1st of this year, you should already have an account for our new site. If not, you will be asked to create a login when purchasing.


Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with instructions for logging into and navigating the community. You can access the community on desktop, mobile, or the Kajabi Communities app.

Make sure to join our first challenge and introduce yourself and your dog(s)!


How much does KDP membership cost per month?
KDP membership is $30/month per household for access to community and classes. If you are not local and want access to the community platform without classes it is $12/month.

 My dog is currently in training with KeenDog but has not completed their package. When should I sign up for KDP?
It is up to your trainer to determine when your dog is ready to participate in group classes. If you would like to sign up before that time to take advantage of other membership benefits (like exclusive content and monthly virtual hangouts), you are more than welcome to do so. We ask that you wait to participate in group classes until your trainer has given you the go-ahead.

My dog is not currently in training nor have they ever completed a training package with KeenDog. Can I sign up for KDP?
If you have completed training with another company or have self-trained your dog and think they would be a good fit for KeenDog group classes, we would be happy to schedule a one hour, in-person assessment for $180. Please email [email protected] to schedule your assessment.

I am currently enrolled in or have completed the “Raising Your Dog the KeenDog Way” online course. Can / should I sign up for KDP?
If you are local to the Charlotte / Fort Mill area and would like to participate in group classes, please see the question above. We would be happy to complete an in-person assessment to clear you for full KDP membership. If you are participating from afar and would like to access the online-only benefits of KDP membership (like exclusive content and monthly virtual hangouts), we have a KDP From Afar membership available for $12/month (click here to sign up for KDP From Afar).

Am I able to cancel my KDP membership?
Yes, you can cancel your KDP membership at any time.

What will happen with the KeenDog Community Facebook group?
We do not have any immediate plans to shut down the Facebook group. A wealth of knowledge has been shared over the years. For the time being, the group will remain available to any clients who wish to participate, we just won’t be as active there as we are now.



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